Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The August Rush

A groan for the cheesy post title reference, I know.  But it's truth!  Lots of things are coming to the foreground, now that the start of the season is imminent, and this has been an extremely productive day.  

KO efficiently and effectively deals with our donor records - with a smile!.
We've got auditions in less than a week, with only a few open spots left - very exciting!  We're getting our donor database in good solid working order, the better to recognize our constant and wonderful supporters for their generosity, thanks to the concerted efforts of board Vice President Katie Oman. We've received our first shipment of new music for the 2011-12 season, and it's beautifully clean and smells of fresh paper and ink - there's so much possibility in new music.  (As chorister Mark Falstein commented on our Facebook post, "It smells like... applause!")

Our various board committees are establishing tactics to accomplish our season's goals, and we're sure to have good luck this year - a dragonfly spent the majority of the afternoon in the office with us, and even alighted on my hand.  That's got to be good news!

Our season brochures have gone out, and it seems that our audience members are as excited about the coming concerts as we are. If you expected to receive a brochure and didn't, please contact us - we try very hard to keep our mailing lists up to date.  

More to come soon - enjoy the sunshine and these excellent photos, and throw on a Seattle Pro Musica CD.  Nothing goes better with a beautiful Seattle afternoon than a world of choral beauty...!
KS is pretty excited about new scores.  A whole box of Bach!

This guy spent the whole day with us - dragonflies are good luck, and he floated around for hours, checking out everything BUT the open window.

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