Wednesday, September 7, 2011

September Song

Hello! Well, I’m nothing short of thrilled to be back at Pro Musica and honored to be given the blogging reins for an afternoon. What a lovely afternoon it is! The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and Katie and I are busily preparing for a fantastic season ahead of us.

All of the music Katie was so excited about in her last post is about to be catalogued and added to our library. I can also verify Mark Falstein’s comment: It does smell like applause.

Auditions went well and we’re extremely pleased to announce we are welcoming 14 new members to Seattle Pro Musica! I’m looking forward to seeing new faces and hearing a new blend of voices. It occurs to me that with each new year, there is a different combination of singers. SPM possesses an ever-changing, unique sound. Though I’m sad to see some singers will not be joining us this year, I can appreciate the metaphor. It’s beautiful! SPM is like a living organism peppered with all the pain and joy associated with growth and change.

In other news, we tied for second place for the American Prize in Choral Performance, Community Chorus. This is HUGE people! The American Prize is a national competition. SPM was vying for a prize along with other choral groups from all over the country. The spotlight shines brightly on the Pacific Northwest as we share success with the first prize winners, Pacific Lutheran University Choral Union. Job well done Puget Sound area choristers! See the below links for more information on our latest success:

I know I’ve already said it, but I am so excited to be back! These precious September days I’ll spend with you, Seattle Pro Musica.

Emma is back in the office!

Emma Ashbrook serves as Administrative Assistant at Seattle Pro Musica.  She enjoys campfires, a good book, hot tea, and playing rock music on her bassoon in her free time. 

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