Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kicking it off!

We're back in full swing! Last week, Seattle Pro Musica had our first rehearsal with our new recruits - and oh my goodness, was the bar ever raised! We sightread repertoire for our Celtic Christmas concert with a higher level of success than ever before; we auditioned a crop of fabulous vocalists for our small ensembles, Madrigalia and Schola; we shook hands, introduced ourselves, and had a generally vibrant evening together!

Christina, Teddy, Richard and Madeline -
(trio) lexicon - perform at our kickoff party..
Then, this past weekend, we had our traditional annual kick-off party; our singers, their families, and our Sterling Circle donors are invited to an open house, hosted by intrepid Artistic Director and Conductor Karen P. Thomas. Wine and conversation flowed freely, and we all enjoyed a wonderful performance by (trio) lexicon.*

This week, we had our first Schola rehearsal, a Schola photoshoot, AND our first Madrigalia rehearsal. And here in the office, we're planning for the annual retreat, taking inventory of our CDs, and putting the finishing touches an exciting new collaborative project (more details to come soon)!

Awesome new alto Lauren helps Emma to
inventory our critically-acclaimed CDs!
(visit to buy one!)
And so: I need a nap, but we've too much to do - so instead, I will have another coffee and get back on it. I just wanted to check in and let y'all know that we haven't forgotten this blog; in fact, we're working to schedule guest posters from Pro Musica and our constituents.  If you're interested in sharing something in this forum, shoot me an email and let me know - I'll check in again soon!

*(trio) lexicon - musicians Christina Bach, Madeline Bersamina and Richard Bersamina presented a series of reflections on childhood and growing. Alternately hilariously funny and touching, and always musically top-notch.  Read here for more information, and contact Christina Bach if you're interested in having (trio) lexicon perform at your next event!

Our 2011-12 Schola! 
(Photo by Daniel Sheehan)

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