Friday, October 7, 2011

Crushing it.

Next week marks our first official public event of the season - our featured event with ArtsCrush! We're holding our first open rehearsal and community sing next Wednesday. What's ArtsCrush? Press release, take it away!

"Join us this October for ARTS CRUSH, 31 days of creative adventures in art, literature, music, theatre, dance, film and more. GET CRUSHED during this extraordinary month-long festival by connecting with artists and arts groups in unique and unexpected ways. Arts Crush features hundreds of free events, special discounts and once-a-year interactive arts opportunities for all ages. Visit to join in the fun."

And here's our event description!
See? Here's Will and Stephen -
not stodgy!

"Seattle Pro Musica, one of the premier choral organizations in the Pacific Northwest, is NOT made up of a bunch of stodgy, fussy folk. We're regular people who are for making music, really solid and excellent music, in a group setting - and we bet you'll like it! Seattle Pro Musica will host a FREE open rehearsal and community sing on Wednesday, October 12 at 7pm.
Robby is not stodgy at all!
Led by our incomparable Maestra, Karen P. Thomas, we'll warm up
together, and the choir will rehearse a few pieces interactively. (This means that Karen will explain to attendees about exactly why the tenors need to tune that note, why the sopranos are too loud, why the basses need to watch the conductor, and other choral requirements.) Following a short break, we'll invite everyone into the mix to sing together! Song selections will range from beginner to intermediate, and though this event might particularly appeal to those with a background in choral music, all interested parties are invited and welcome to attend. This is a non-auditioned community event, and your voice is welcome!"
Here's the official ArtsCrush site, and here's our facebook event!  I'm really excited to see who comes out for this - I've invited all of my friends, and I can't wait for this. And - pro tip - we'll probably go out for an unofficial, non-hosted beverage following the event. It's going to be great; I hope to see you there! 

Cathy is going to murder me for this one. But: not stodgy!

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